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I am a yoga teacher, studio owner and mom to two amazing little boys.  I use Young Living Essential Oils as my family's medicine cabinet.  Everything from repelling bugs, fighting colds and viruses, digestive issues, backaches, trouble sleeping, etc.  

My love story with Young Living Essential Oils began in Fall 2011.  After an exciting, but long and tiring day of running the raffle table at a local yoga event, I decided to walk around and meet some of the vendors.  I met Yvonne Fulciniti, who is now my dear friend and mentor, and asked her if she had anything I could use for a headache.  She had me put a drop of peppermint on my forehead and that's where it all began.

The reason why I became involved with Young Living Essential Oils is plain and simple - because they work.  I believe in the quality and efficacy of the products as well as Young Living's company ethics and complete "Seed to Seal" process - unique to Young Living and untouched by any other essential oils company in the US.

When someone in my family feels a cold coming on, I reach immediately for Thieves.  

When someone in my family has trouble sleeping, I reach for Lavender or Peace and Calming.

When someone in my family has a headache, I reach for Peppermint.

I rub Lavender on my children's heads (to repel lice) and Thieves on their feet (to boost their immunity to germs) before they leave in the morning.  They are the best smelling kids at school!

The list goes on and keeps on growing!

Seed to Seal

Young Living Essential Oils is the world leader in essential oils and controls the entire process of producing essential oils: seed selection, planting, harvesting, distillation, testing, and bottling.  It is a unique "Seed to Seal" process that includes farms and distilleries across the world.  There are no other essential oils that compare to the quality of Young Living.  This starts with careful attention to soil and seeds.  The oils are uncut, unadulterated and grown without heavy metals or pesticides. They have therapeutic properties including antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and/or antiseptic.  Essential oils are nature's first medicine and have health-promoting and healing properties as natural remedies and can be used for hundreds of things including improving sleep, reducing stress, healing burns, muscle/back pain, treating cuts/insect bites, air purification, sore throat, pet care, emotional clearing and well-being and so much more.  When you experience Young Living Essential Oils, you will know that you are experiencing something very special.


Young Living Essential Oils was founded 20 years ago by Gary Young with pure, natural, therapeutic grade essential oils. Essential Oils date back through history as some of the earliest forms for natural healing. Essential oils have since re-emerged as a form of aromatherapy in modern times and through the education of therapeutic grade oils, Young Living has now brought back the healing properties that were once so widely known.

Since the beginning Young Living has established a foundation of having the best, natural, and safest products for the body, home, and through aromatherapy. Gary Young has taken great strides to research and develop new products all of which are absolutely natural, organic, and pure.

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Thieves Household Cleaner

Young Living's Thieves Essential Oil blend and Thieves Household Cleaner contain a proprietary blend blend of pure clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and Eucalyptus radiata essential oils, Thieves has been university tested and proven to be 99.3 % effective at killing airborne bacteria. The natural antibacterial properties of Thieves inspired an entire line of natural home and body solutions including oral care, hand care, and household products.  - See more at: