Gail Gregory

Hello, I am so excited you are considering using essential oils.

I have been an alternative healthcare practitioner for 20+ years.  I have always been using essential oils as one of the natural options I offer my clients. When Young Living was just a baby I began to watch the company and test their oils effectiveness alongside what I already used. Over the years their oils have consistently come out on top: physically and energetically.  Often they have even out done other natural options I regularly use. This is partially due to the fact that they are so pure they are consumable.

Young Living is now my exclusive source for essential oils.

Their range of single oils, the intelligence of their blends, and the combining of these oils with supplements and super foods, like Ning Xia Red put Young Living at the head of the industry. However, variety is only the beginning. Quality and consistency are where they really shine. Young Living has seed to sale control of everything, and a policy of only perfection making it to the shelf. Just as my clients trust me to be their guide back to maximum vitality, I trust Young Living to produce products that help me help them. My home is a Young Living home. As I believe congruency is essential to coaching.

Being a Good Example is Always a Great way to Share. Young Living makes Both Ease.


Gail Gregory

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