Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends

Combining the benefits of essential oils is an excellent way to target physical and emotional well-being. Young Living's unique line of essential oil blends was formulated based on decades of research and application by Founder and President Gary Young. Young Living's commitment to research and innovation ensures you receive the optimal therapeutic benefits.
Each blend is exclusive to Young Living and carefully developed to address common physical and emotional challenges. A daily regimen of essential oil singles and blends is an important step to a healthier lifestyle.

AromaEase - 5ml AromaEase - 5ml
(Item No. 4749)

Build Your Dream - 5ml Build Your Dream - 5ml
(Item No. 4834)

Cool Azul - 15ml Cool Azul - 15ml
(Item No. 5399)

Peace & Calming II- 5ml Peace & Calming II- 5ml
(Item No. 5327)

Peace & Calming Essential Oil Sample - 10ct
Peace & Calming Sample

(Item No. 4774)

RC Essential Oil - 15 ml RC Essential Oil - 5 ml
(Item No. 3409)

Shutran - 15ml Shutran - 15ml
(Item No. 4835)

Slique Essence - 15ml Slique Essence - 15ml
(Item No. 4586)

Taste of Italy - 5ml Taste of Italy - 5ml
(Item No. 5059)

The Gift - 5ml The Gift - 5ml
(Item No. 6500)

Valor II- 5ml Valor II- 5ml
(Item No. 5326)

YL Oola Balance - 5ml
YL Oola Balance - 5ml

(Item No. 5022)

YL Oola Grow - 5ml
YL Oola Grow - 5ml

(Item No. 5021)