Essential Oil Singles

Essential Oil Singles

Uplifting, purifying, energizing, and calming—the use of essential oils for emotional clearing, flavoring, and fragrance dates back thousands of years. Today Young Living is preserving this ancient practice by offering highly-concentrated essential oils in their most natural form. For more than two decades we've studied the different types and benefits of plant life to develop the best distilling practices and purest products. Experience the best nature has to offer when you use Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ oils.

Hong Kuai Essential Oil Hong Kuai Essential Oil
(Item No. 4657)

Idaho Blue Spruce - 5 ml Idaho Blue Spruce - 5 ml
(Item No. 3093)

Jade Lemon - 5ml Jade Lemon - 5ml
(Item No. 4685)

Manuka Manuka
(Item No. 5322)

Mastrante 5ml Mastrante 5ml
(Item No. 4686)

Tsuga Essential - 5 ml Tsuga Essential - 5 ml
(Item No. 3352)

Xiang Mao 5ml Xiang Mao 5ml
(Item No. 4658)

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - 15 ml Ylang Ylang 15 ml
(Item No. 3659)