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Adam Tollinger

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I was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by my upline who also happens to be my Mom. Like all children, I didn't absorb the information right away. I didn't take her word for it and I had to do my own research. What can I say, Mom knows best. I initially approached oils to replace scents in my home and my personal care products. Then one day while cooking, I looked down and noticed my dogs licking the kitchen floor. I realized my pups ate off the floor and I was using cleaning products that were surely leaving chemical residue behind. My dogs were definitely ingesting that toxic stuff. Right then I realized I needed to make a bigger change and I was all in on the oils, 100%. I started to switch my cleaning supplies to Thieves Household Cleaner, including my floor cleaner. I could not let my pups continue to be poisoned. That was the start of an incredible transformation in my home to remove the nasty chemicals and support wellness. I would love to share the wellness with you and your family. 
Thieves House Hold Cleaner and Mop

My floor solution! After I realized my dogs were licking the kitchen floor, I went out and got a mop that would allow me to use my own solution. And that solution is Thieves Household Cleaner. I no longer worry about my dogs licking the kitchen floor!


Young Living's Internation Grand Convention is a must-attend event for everyone. Here my upline, who also happens to be my Mom, and I grab a shot with the Young Living Brand Ambassadors. 

Adam & Mom at Young Living Convention
Dog and OrthoEase Massage Oil

Oils are for you entire family...even the furry ones. 

My dog Kenzie is ready for his puppy massage with OrthoEase.